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Dexia S.A.

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Dexia is a European bank and the world leader in local public finance. Dexia is one of the top twenty banking groups in the euro zone with a stock market capitalization of EUR2.2 billion as of 2012.

- Two pillars

Dexia's future is built on two pillars: its Universal Banking business in Europe and world leadership in Public/Project Finance. Dexia intends to expand its Universal Banking business beyond its traditional markets of Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovakia, and Turkey to become a top-level European player while building upon its global leadership in Public/Project Finance through geographic expansion.

- Financial stability

Dexia has vigorous yet prudent growth plans, which adhere to its core values for managing risk and maintaining financial stability. The Group maintains the highest standards for underwriting, risk management, operational discipline and product performance. Dexia has one of the highest credit ratings in the banking industry.

- Long-term commitment to Group values

Dexia has made a long-term commitment to the needs and well-being of its customers, the harmonious development of society, protection of the environment and sustainable growth. Dexia expresses its unique corporate culture through its motto (short term has no future).Dexia's business lines:

- public/project finance and credit enhancement;

- personal financial services;

- treasury and financial markets;

- asset management;

- investor services.